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Auxetic Origami Surface [AOS-1]

Installing the first version of the AOS prototype in the gallery of Rudolph Hall at the Yale School of Architecture.

Sequential activation of the AOS. Below each photo is visualization of the AOS digital interface showing the light readings for the past 10 seconds and the state of each motor.

Exploded axonamotric of the actuation mechanism.

Assembled actuation mechanism w/ origami module in open and collapsed positions.

Amir & Chris busy folding, assembling and coding the AOS-1.

Testing the photo-sensor and servo actuation with an individual origami module on the AOS-1 armature.

Early laser-cut prototype of a scissor mechanism with stainless-steel hardware.



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  1. Shraddha Kemse says: February 28, 20189:18 am

    I love your project.
    I have a query that what is that you have analysed in the sheets above?

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